Easy Energy Creates Mobile Phone Charger that Incorporates Yo-Yo Technology

There have been numerous moments in which my mobile phone died at the wrong moment. This is usually because I knew the battery was about to die but received an important phone call that I needed to take. It would never fail me to have the phone die right in the middle of my important conversation. My frustration led to me purchasing several items that claimed to provide instant energy but never delivered. Easy Energy promised me that the YoGen would deliver positive results and boy did it ever. There are hundreds of to-go products that claim to generate enough energy to keep your gadgets running during the most difficult of times. Most of these products fail to back up their claims because even though they do give you energy, that energy seems to last just a few moments before it quickly vanishes. Easy Energy’s YoGen is a creative device that generates energy in a creative way. The company has incorporated the concept of a yo-yo to make their product work. A closer looks shows you a device that looks kind of like a mobile phone in itself. It has a built in pull cord function similar to that of a lawn mower. All that you have to do is yank the cord a few times and it generates enough power to run your mobile device for five minutes. If this proves to not be enough power, all you have to do is pull the cord every couple of minutes to keep the energy generating through both devices. You might not receive the full charge that you would like but you can rest assured knowing that your phone will not die on you at the worst possible moment. The company is currently including several different adapters with the YoGen device. These adapters are for the iPhone and several other popular phone models. One issue that you might have is that your specific phone will not have a connector included. This is an issue that the company is working with and they are planning to continuously release adapters for older and newer phone models. Easy Energy understands this is an important step to make in order to keep the product relevant with consumers. My test drive of the YoGen product left me with only glowing enthusiasm. This is a product that finally backs up it’s claims to provide your mobile phone device with enough energy to continue to run during moments of need. I found that it delivered when I needed to use it for longer than a five minute period of time. In order to be a great product it needed to deliver this to me. The device is currently available online and I highly recommend it to any of you.

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