Why Do Most Student Hate Writing Essay?

write essay Why Do Most Student Hate Writing Essay?Based on some reliable researches, most students stress out and feel depressed when writing essay. This makes them hate doing this assignment and fail to get good grade and pass certain subjects. Anyway, do you know reasons why they hate writing essay? If you don’t, find the answer below:


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Steps to Writing a Persuasive Essay

persuasive essay Steps to Writing a Persuasive Essay1. Read and understand the prompt or writing directions. What are you being asked to write about?

Example: Persuasive Writing Task

In this writing test, you will write a persuasive essay or letter. Your writing will be scored on how well you:

  • state your position on the topic
  • describe the points in support of your position, including examples and other evidence;
  • anticipate and address readers’ concerns and arguments against your position; and
  • use grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

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Get Stuck in Essay Writing?

writing1 Get Stuck in Essay Writing?What do you think about essay writing? This is one of the most difficult school/college assignments hated by most students. To make a good writing is not easy because there are many things to consider from the research, topic selection, and so on. By the way, if you ever get stuck in writing, there are two main alternatives you can go for: Continue reading

Know Library Science Deeper

career in library science Know Library Science DeeperIf you are an established librarian, education specialist or information systems analyst, you have undoubtedly seen the immense changes that have undergone the library’s system in recent years. These industries have seen a remarkable shift from paper to digital interactions in recent years. If you feel like you are falling behind with all of the new technology, are looking for ways to improve your current role or are looking to further your education to take on a whole new career, an online library science degree may be the ideal solution to get you ahead in an ever-changing industry. Continue reading

mSpy: Spy on Your Children’s Phone Activities

mspy a mSpy: Spy on Your Children’s Phone ActivitiesHaving smartphone enables children to abuse their gadget for personal use. They can watch inappropriate videos, do cyber bullying, chat with strangers, download inappropriate pictures, and so on. As a parent, you have to prevent your children to do these bad things so they don’t deal with police someday later. How? Install mSpy on their smartphone. Continue reading